The Truth About Suction Dredging

Nothing beats a picture to defeat the mistruths (sometimes we call them lies) from the extremist environmental groups.

It’s not unusual to see deer near your dredge, even though the environmentalists would claim that these poor deer have a heart attack at the sound of a suction dredge and leap away willingly into the sights of a hunter’s rifle.  I’ve seen them, you’ve seen them, just never thought it was unusual.

Two deer risking life and limb to get a drink of water.  Note the suction dredge in the background preparing to raise it’s hose out of the water to attack, or perhaps at least spit some water at them.

Notice the wanton destruction of the environment?  No?  What about the streams of mercury and arsenic pouring out the back?  Not that either, don’t worry we’ll find something – turbidity, yeah that’s it.  Them damned dredgers cloud the water up and interfere with my outdoor experience.

So, ask me again why we dredge.  Hmm, let me see how about that bottle of twenty ounces of gold to the right found by a dredger in one weekend using a 4″ dredge.  Maybe it’s the gold and the opportunity to find $30,000 in gold on a weekend.  Or we could just apply for government grants and fleece taxpayers.



small nuggets

$500 in small nuggets found in an afternoon


The environmentalists like to say that we’re just recreationalists and there is no gold left out there?  Really?  How do you explain the pictures?  We believe that the eco extremists never actually venture off road and certainly not off trail.  In our book $500 in nuggets is not a bad afternoon and it’s honest work.




Even More Gold

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