WMA’s Response to the DFG’s Final Regulations

WMA Response to CDFG Final Regulations

2 Responses to WMA’s Response to the DFG’s Final Regulations

  1. Bri500 says:

    Hello, Brian here.
    Just wanted to say you did a great job in your response to the CDFG regs. I would like to get my own response sent in before the deadline on March 5. I would also like to get together with anyone in the Plumas County are that might want to do a quick workshop to get some letters made. (I am definitely not a good letter writer!) Any input would be appreciated. [email protected] 530-927-8015

    • mucker says:

      Brian- when you want to communicate with us, email us directly as we rarely see the emails posted to wordpress. We aren’t really tech saavy, and this is the last place we look for communications with miners. Email us at [email protected]

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