Fish Study says Mercury Not a Problem

Water Board Mercury Study Finds 84% of Fish Safe to Eat

The California Water Board released their most comprehensive study of mercury levels in fish on May 22nd, 2013.  The results are great news for dredgers.  The Water Board study found that all fish in gold dredging rivers had exceptionally low levels of mercury and posed no threat to human health.

The only fish that required advisories were located in the Sacramento Delta region.

This wide ranging study found fish in rivers where gold mining has traditionally taken place were well below advisory levels.  The study also measured levels of Selenium in the fish and found that in all cases the levels of selenium exceeded the levels of mercury.  Although the Water Board refuses to acknowledge the accepted science (by the US Government and NOAA) that selenium completely negates the effects of mercury, the report shows in fact all fish are safe to eat.

Despite the findings, that mercury is not a problem, the Water Board continues to push ahead with their propaganda campaign that dredging creates mercury which results in harm to humans and fish.  Even though their own study refutes it.  The Water Board recently sent a letter to the Department of Fish and Wildlife stating even if we win our injunction they will prohibit dredging by issuing rules against dredging.

The Water Board is acting on supposition and raw opinon.  Not on science.  They have been wrong and continue to maintain their misguided position.  The problem we’re up against is there is a lot of money in mercury cleanup and the Water Board must ensure mercury is considered a problem or they stand to lose hundreds of millions.  In fact the mercury study just released was funded by the EPA.

It’s a money issue, not science, not health.

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