2012 T.C. Letter

California Dept of Fish and Game                  February 21, 2012

Northern Region

Suction Dredge Program

601 Locust Street

Redding, CA 96001

Re: Response to the Revised Suction Dredge Regulations

Dear Mr. Stopher,

I thank you and appreciate the opportunity to comment on the Revised Suction Dredge Regulations.

These regulations, as released, will do significant and substantial economic harm to me and my family. They are based on nothing but anecdotal and unsubstantiated opinion. There is simply no scientific data or evidence in the record that supports the conclusions from the SEIR and these regulations. Suction dredging has NEVER been proven to harm, entrain, harass, disturb, impede or otherwise be deleterious to fish or any other species in the rivers of California. Yet this entire document seems to imply through arbitrary pre-determined conclusions that it does, contrary to the scientific information on record.

Therefore I must reject, challenge and oppose the entire Revised Suction Dredge Regulations as released by the California Department of Fish & Game on February 17, 2012. I respectfully request that the entire regulation be discarded as biased and prejudiced against suction dredging, and I will preserve my rights to continue to fight this unjustified taking of my rights by filing this letter in opposition to these regulations.


T********* C*********** Family

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