2012 P.H. Letter

Suction Dredge Program

Revisions to Proposed Amendments

Department of Fish and Game

Northern Region

601 Locust Street

Redding, CA 96001                                                                                   March 4, 2012

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Fish and Game:

Why would you limit the number of dredging permits to 1500? Where is the data and criterion for selecting this number? The more dredgers, the more it helps California’s economy.

California businesses and jobs are dying due to strangulation by regulation. Our founding fathers believed that a government that governs least governs best. Some regulation is necessary so dredging doesn’t disturb spawning and hatching fish. But regulation for regulation sake is wrong even if enacted to appease wrong thinking environmentalists and politicians. Report cards, very constrictive hours of operation, and other capricious regulations are nonsense. If you have seen the Yuba River at flood stage you would know that any damage done by dredging is infinitely small and inconsequential compared to natures’ flooding.

I believe Fish and Game should be paying people to dredge. Dredging removes mercury from the environment and prepares salmon spawning gravels. In the years I dredged I never killed or injured a fish, although there were always fish feeding behind the dredge. Fishermen kill fish -dredgers don’t.

I could go on with Selenium’s role in combining with methyl mercury and mercury in the food chain and in our body making Selenium, Mercury and methyl Mercury inert. But you already know this.

You, the Fish and Game, should compile a REAL list of the benefits of dredging, the role of Selenium in the food chain and its’ interaction with mercury, and present it to Governor Brown and the state legislature.

Sincerely, P***************** H******************

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