2013/05/12 Critical Habitat Withdrawal in California

On April 25th, 2013 the US Fish and Wildlife Service release their proposed ruling to list the Sierra Nevada Yellow Legged Frog and the Northern Distinct Population Segment of the Mountain Yellow Legged Frog as endangered species.  In the same notice they advised they would be listing the Yosemite Toad as threatened.

Concurrent with the proposed listings the USFWS released a second notice listing the proposed critical habitat listings for these species.

See the Federal Register Postings Here

25 April 2013 SNMYLF Critical Habitat Designation

25 April 2013 SNYLF Endangered Status Notice

See the Summary Here

Fact Sheet MYLF May 2013

Review the WMA Assessment of Impact here.  We request your input, but this is our initial assessment on what we’ll fight for.

WMA Initial Assessment May 2013

Read the WMA Request for a Public Hearing

US Fish and Wildlife Service 15 May 2013_CL Signed


And If That’s Not Enough, Read the CBD Petition to list another 54 Species


Review Maps By County Here (Click on map images for a larger size)

Overview Maps Including the Sierra Nevada Mountain Yellow Legged Frog, Units 1,2,3.  The Norther DPS of the Mountain Yellow Legged Frog, Units 4,5.  The Yosemite Toad, Units 1-16.  Each unit is shown under the respective county.  You can use the Initial Assessment above to cross reference acreage and impact.  Areas highlighted in Yellow are proposed critical habitat.  The overview maps are presented to allow you to more easily locate the specific section.  For details on the reasons and habitat download the Federal Register posting linked above as the “Critical Habitat.”

Unit 1 2 3 Overview Units 4 5 Overview






Yosemite Toad Overview Map

Units 1 to 16 Yosemite Toad Overview






Alpine County


2H Alpine

Alpine 1





2F and 2G Alpine


Alpine 2F, 2G




1 Alpine


Alpine 2H




2E El Dorado


El Dorado County





Fresno County

3D Fresno 3E Fresno 4A 4B Fresno 12 13 14 Fresno 14 15 16 Fresno










Madera County

3C Madera 9 10 Madera 11 Madera






Mariposa County


2N 3A Mariposa 7 8 Mariposa






Mono County


3B Mono 4 Mono






Nevada County


2D Nevada






Placer County


2D Placer






Plumas County


1A 1B 1C Plumas County 1D Plumas County 2A Plumas 2A_1 Plumas










Sierra County

2B Sierra






Tulare County

4C 4D Tulare 5A 5B 5C Tulare






Tuolumne County

2 3 Tuolumne 2I Tuolumne 2K 2L Tuolumne 2M 2N Tuolumne 5 6 Tuolumne










Find more information for your own research by downloading the data files


Download the free GIS viewer (required to view the files) by going to this link:


Follow the procedures on the Arcgis explorer page for installing the software.  Once you’ve downloaded the data files (shape files) open them using the “add content” button on the top menu.  You can toggle the basemaps for the one you wish.  Best viewed using the USGS topo selection.


Information for Additional Research


MYLF Die Off Vandenberg 15 May 2013

CBD Settlement agreement with USFWS 2011


Endangered Species Act of 1973 amended 2002

Final Rule Critical Habitat Red Legged Frog


National Park Service Non Native Trout Removal

Non Native Trout Article

Removal of troute results in increase in frogs – knapp 2007




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