WMA Represents the Independent Miner

The lifestyle of the independent miner is under constant attack from well-meaning, but misinformed environmental groups and and their members.There has been a huge increase in recent years of over-regulation in order to ameliorate fabricated environmental threats. Well-meaning legislators in State Government want to do the right thing to keep the environment clean, and vote for bills forwarded by these environmental groups which appear to want to “save the environment”.

These environmental groups promote the perception of environmental problems in order to maintain the steady stream of donations from their members. Just take a look at all the environmental bills passed in the State of California in over the last 30 years- these bills have effectively eviscerated many small scale, environmentally sound industries. All of those small industries were destroyed by well-funded groups on the accusation of potential environmental damages. Is California better off?  Is the nation better off?  We believe it’s nothing personal, it is just good business (and good for the steady stream of donations) to ensure all those good salaries for the CEO’s and staff.

WMA is an advocate for the independent miner. We present sound research to oppose the biased studies and reports created by governmental agencies with misguided agendas driven by extreme environmentalists. We are the only (unpaid) members of society who actually clean the rivers of the garbage left by the other, less environmentally minded users.

If you are a miner who wants to be a part of the solution to the problem of our diminishing access to the rivers, you need to become a member of WMA. We are hands on, motivated, actively involved group of doers (not talkers) and if you want to be a part of a positive change, we want you and please join us! We are here to support those who actively want to change the regulations which are preventing our access to the rivers.

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