Why Western Mining Alliance?

We are the Western Mining Alliance.  We’re about mining, plain and simple.  We are an organization comprised of property owners, miners, claim holders, businesses and supporters of the freedom to mine.

We’re not going to apologize for being miners and we’re not asking for our rights – we’re going to restore them.  We will do this by engagement in the political process, the support of legal challenges and through the coordination of many efforts, on many fronts.  We are not Republican or Democrat, our cause is a simple cause of freedom and the reality is both parties tend to overstep the constitutional guarantees of freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  We will support candidates and representatives who support freedom, and that freedom means personal freedom, economic freedom and freedom from burdensome over-regulation via false accusations by environmental organizations .

We are not anti-environmental.  Many of us LIVE in the wilds for months at a time; many of our members belong to and donate to environmental causes, however we believe environmentalism can be carried to extremes.  Man has always modified his environment, there never was a utopian period when man didn’t modify his environment to benefit his survival.

We, as miners, spend more time outdoors than the vast majority of anti-mining environmentalists who accuse us of not understanding the environment.  We know our forests & rivers and we know and support the health of those wild areas.  Suction dredgers spend more time under water than any other back country user spends in the back country. If fish and frogs are dying, we would know it because we swim with the fish every day; we know where the frogs are, and we know what is killing the frogs – and it’s not dredgers.  Both the fish issues and the frog issues are just red herrings, as are hundreds of frivolous lawsuits filed by extreme anti-mining environmental groups -which costs the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year for our government to fight.

It seems that anti-mining environmental groups have morphed into profitable enterprises through the use of the taxpayer funded Equal Access to Justice Act.  The truth is these so called anti-mining environmental groups could really care a less about the environment, when an organization has over 80% lawyers in their “environmental” group, it certainly makes you pause. To them, it’s nothing personal, its just “good business” to create and destroy alleged  “boogeymen” and that keeps the donations streaming in.

This “good business” for well-funded and over-zealous anti-mining environmental groups ends up bankrupting our country, destroying the social fabric of our small communities, destroying the businesses of tens of thousands small mom and pop mining operations, and creating many more regulations which are not only shutting down the small miners, but you can also add: small logging companies, ranchers, farmers, fishermen- you gotta wonder how far the anti-mining environmentalists will go to destroy the lives of all hard working rural families in order to “save the environment”?

They are certainly good at destroying jobs, but apparently not so good at creating them. WMA was created to organize those displaced small businesses to fight to retain our right to make a day’s living through honest work. It’s a unique and misunderstood concept for those who participate in the anti-mining environmental movement -  it is apparent that perhaps they are just desk jockeys who have never really actually ever WORKED and sweated in 100F heat, to make a living or ever got a little dirt under their fingernails.

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