Lead May Be A New Precious Metal

Save all the lead you pull from the rivers as it may become as valuable as gold. Read this news article from Rockwell County GOP Blog:

Obama Has EPA close down only US plant to make lead… Ammo will have to come from Overseas

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The Doe Run Lead plant is right here in Missouri and Yes, it is closing due to over regulated EPA rulings. Save your lead!!

All you can do is shake your head…….

All lead for bullets will have to come from overseas! This move will also make the cost 100 LL (100 low lead aviation fuel) UNAFFORDABLE. Approximately 2 g of lead is added to each gallon of aviation fuel!

There are numerous alarming reasons why the US government and the military have been buying up all the ammo. Here’s one of them.

Obama and the EPA just shut down the last lead smelting plant in the US . They raised the EPA regulations by 10 fold and it would have cost the plant $100 million to comply. You can own all the guns you want, but if you can’t get ammo, you are out of luck.
Continue Reading Here: http://www.rockwallgop.com/obama-has-epa-close-down-only-us-plant-to-make-lead-ammo-will-have-to-come-from-overseas

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