Big Green’s ‘sue-and-settle’ strategy draws pushback from states, Congress

From the Washington Examiner:


Scott Pruitt is Oklahoma‘s attorney general and he’s fed up with Big Green’s outrageously destructive sue-and-settle attacks using endangered species as a weapon to obliterate America’s burgeoning oil and gas production.

Pruitt was so fed up that on March 17 he and a coalition of energy groups filed a pioneering lawsuit – The State of Oklahoma et al. v. U.S. Department of the Interior – for collusion in violating federal law.

“Sue and settle” is the polite way to say that federal agency greenies invite old friends in Big Green groups to sue the agency so they can jointly select a species in, for example, oil and gas country, and go to court to “force” it to be listed as “endangered” or “threatened” so its range can be declared untouchable “critical habitat,” which stops production there.

In time of war that would be called sabotage. In time of Obama it’s called business as usual.

I asked Pruitt by email what it was in particular about sue-and-settle tactics that sparked Oklahoma’s lawsuit. He told me, “That’s what the Fish and Wildlife Service did in 2011 when it agreed to arbitrary and aggressive timelines on deciding the listing status of the lesser prairie chicken to settle a lawsuit from an environmental group.

“A ‘threatened’ listing would restrict land use in the bird’s five-state habitat that includes Oklahoma.”

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