EPA’s ‘independent’ science advisers get government grants, ‘peer review’ own work

(Have someone look at the Humbug Creek Study for such ‘fishiness’.)

From the Daily Caller:

Michael Bastasch

Environmental Protection Agency science advisers may not be so impartial, according to congressional investigators. Scientists tasked with reviewing one of the EPA’s costliest regulations to date have received government grants and often peer review their own research.

Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith wrote to the EPA last week detailing his concerns that the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) Ozone Review Panel suffers from conflicts of interest and lacks impartiality.

The ozone panel is tasked with reviewing EPA documents related to clean air regulations and is intended “to have complete independence” from the agency, according to Smith — who chairs the House Science Committee. Smith wrote that the panel suffers from “panelists reviewing their own work; a lack of turnover among CASAC Ozone Review Panel members; and, existing financial relationships between Panelists and the Agency.”

According to Smith, 16 of the 20 members on the current Ozone Review Panel are cited by the EPA in key regulatory science documents the panel is tasked with peer reviewing. The work of panel members is cited more than 700 times in these documents which panelists are asked to critically assess.

Smith notes that this runs afoul of the EPA’s own rules for peer reviewing its science, citing an agency handbook saying an “independent peer reviewer is an expert who was not associated with the generation of the specific work product either directly… or indirectly…”

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