Walden bill targets ‘travel management rule’

From KTVZ.com:

Aims to ‘put local communities back in driver’s seat’


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La GRANDE, Ore. –

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) today announced Monday he has introduced the Forest Access in Rural Communities Act (H.R. 4272) to stop the problematic travel management rule on national forests in the West and promote local control over future proposals to restrict forest access.


“For too long, the input and wishes of local citizens have been pushed to the backseat when it comes to decisions about access to our public lands. This common-sense bill will put local communities back in the driver’s seat in the Forest Service’s travel management planning process,” Walden said.

“Whether it’s for hunting, camping, firewood cutting, berry picking, or just enjoying a ride through the woods in a truck or ATV, accessing our forests is a way of life in rural Oregon. Far too often, though, management decisions are handed down from Washington, D.C. by agencies who have likely only seen the forests on a map. It’s time for that to stop. This bill will bring management back where it belongs—local communities with firsthand knowledge about the state and uses of these forests,” Walden said.

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